“Grabanzos came out of a product development class held in the food science department of Cornell University in January of 2017. We were told to make a healthier version of a food, something ‘on-trend’, so that meant plant-based and with more protein. We experimented with a bunch of things, and we ended up making these crunchy bites out of chickpeas, then covering them with chocolate!”

Beauty x Science: Tried And True

Most crunchy snacks use wheat, rice, or potatoes to get a crunchy texture, but because we use chickpeas, Grabanzos has more protein, fiber, and fewer calories. We wound up winning the in-class competition and could not stop eating the leftovers. I came to Cornell because I wanted to start a company making better-for-you food, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to take the leap.

With that, we formed Antithesis Foods, and went off to try to commercialize the product. We named the company Antithesis because we wanted to be the opposite of many other food brands. We care about flavor and nutrition, not food fads like Non-GMO and ‘all-natural’. We aim to build products that are good for you, because the science says they’re good for you, and we use our background as food scientists to make sure they’re equally delicious. Crunchy chocolate snacks are our first step, but we can use the crunchy core to do many things. Up next we’ll add functional ingredients like matcha or coffee then cover that in chocolate. I can’t wait to have a breakfast of coffee dark chocolate, or coffee peanut butter chocolate Grabanzos!

About the Scientist: Jason Goodman
Undergrad Penn State from 2005-2009, Majored in Microbiology, Minor in Biochemistry
Grad school 2016-Present (expecting graduation in 2020)
Born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia