About Beauty Meets Science

Beauty Meets Science blends the brains, passions, and expertise of scientific professionals from around the world who have deconstructed technical information about beauty and wellness products so women – especially women of color — can intelligently curate their own personalized program for health and beauty.

The products offered have all been developed or evaluated by scientific professionals so you can purchase with confidence. The information on Beauty Meets Science communicates truth, not hype, and is always in a style that is fun and accessible. Let Beauty Meets Science be your source for solid information and products that make the most of your health and beauty!

About The Founder

In many ways, I am the personification of Beauty Meets Science. I am a proud woman of color from humble beginnings who is now a scientist in the final phase of my journey to a Doctorate in Pharmacology at Weill Cornell Medicine. I was very chubby as a girl and despite many hours in the lab, I made the time to reshape my body through countless hours of barre and other exercise to become seriously fit and — according to others (wink) — beautiful. Like women of color everywhere, I have spent more dollars than I care to remember on beauty and wellness products that were very long on hype and exaggeration, but just did not deliver or were not right for my particular skin or hair. Frustrated, I applied my science background to separate fact from fiction and helped friends and family make more intelligent choices about the skin, beauty, hair and wellness products they needed. I also knew that there had to be scientists who were using their skills to develop products that really would perform – especially for women of diverse backgrounds. And, of course, there are! So, I created Beauty Meets Science to share with the world products that are often not well known, but perform very well, as well as to educate and inform. Whenever possible, I try to offer products designed for women of a variety of ethnicities by scientific professionals. So, if you know of such a product, what are you waiting for…. email me about it!
With humble thanks….
Chanel… yes, that’s my real name. My parents must have known my destiny all along….lol!

Chanel Richardson