There is no doubt about it; COVID-19 has forever changed our lives in several ways. 

It’s changed the way we see and do things pertaining to our overall health and well-being. Another thing that’s changed significantly is the dating scene. 

Navigating a global pandemic is already challenging, and if you’re dating a significant other or thinking of dating someone – the challenge can also be tough. 


Because chances are you value the safety of yourself and others if you’re committed to following COVID guidelines. Now, the real question is – is it POSSIBLE to date during a pandemic?

Well, the answer is yes, but it’s only ok if you’re careful. 

So, instead of the usual or traditional date night out to a restaurant or movie, you may consider thinking outside the box with safer options. Get started with these ideas: 

Special Zoom Meeting 

Block off your calendar for a Zoom meet-up. Make it different by bringing your favorite snacks to your special meeting and using Zoom’s background change feature to personalize your space. 

Virtual Movie Night or Painting Night 

There are tons of apps out there that allow you to invite another person to join in for a fun movie night. 

You’ll want to definitely take advantage of these along with sites out there that provide virtual painting events or classes. 

Simply, do a search in Google for these – order your supplies and paint together virtually. 

Walks Outside

Mask up and lace-up shoes for a romantic walk for two. 

Walking allows you not only to get to know each other but it also gives you an opportunity to get a bit of exercise and fresh air – something we all need during the pandemic in terms of our mental and physical health. 

You can also opt for other outdoor activities such as biking or hiking, just remember to always wear your mask if you’re not from the same household.

These are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning in the right direction. 

Safe-In Person Date? Always Ask Questions 

Before you head out on a safe-in-person date such as a walk, bike ride, or hiking adventure you’ll want to ask some important questions. 

You’ll want to find out if they have a recent negative COVID-19 test if they are an essential worker, and if they attended any public events without wearing a mask (possible COVID exposure).

Hopefully, these tips are helpful for you. 

Curious about how you can further protect yourself from day to day on in-person dates? 

Click here to check out the Centers for Disease Control’s guide on daily activities and going out. 

If you feel moved to share how you’re safely navigating dating during COVID-19, drop in the comments to share. 


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