While millions around the world are currently staying indoors to protect their physical health, the same cannot be said for their mental health. Staying home every day, all day, for weeks on end can take a serious toll on your mental health.

The current coronavirus outbreak has forced us to implement a new way of life, one that involves “social distancing” from our friends and family. We’re all doing our part to help “flatten the curve,” but this doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

If you’re been struggling to keep your sanity intact while being confined to your home, here are a few tips that you might find interesting.

Control What You Can Change

Extended periods of no change can cause anyone to start retreating into themselves. We feel that we have no control over our lives or surroundings, and this can severely affect our mental state. Try to focus on what you can change.

This may be the perfect time to rearrange the furniture in your home or clean out the garage. Activities like these give you a sense of purpose and create some stimulation in your day. You’ll feel accomplished once it’s done, and it’ll help to pass the time healthily.

Try to Keep A Schedule

This may be the most difficult part of quarantine. Humans are creatures of habit. Once we get into a routine, it’s hard to break. In this case, all of our routines have been broken by force, leaving us to pick up the pieces.

It’s hard to create a routine when you have nowhere to be. While you may have some structure if you work from home, you’ll probably find yourself staying up much later or eating at the most random of times.

Try your hardest to keep a normal schedule. Have a set time to wake up, eat breakfast, lunch, etc. This will help you feel a bit more normal about being at home and instill some order into your day.

Stay Connected

Before quarantine, catching up with your friends meant grabbing a drink at your favorite bar or a nice meal at a beloved restaurant. Of course, all the bars are closed and restaurants are only doing takeout, but get creative! Play bartender and mix up your favorite drink for yourself. Order in, and then hop on facetime or zoom to spend happy hour with your girls.

To make the night extra special, why not get dressed up?

Having a bit of control over what you do for a night will help to put you in a better mood. Not to mention, planning a night like this will have you looking forward to it all week.

You might also find it helpful to start a group chat with some close family or friends. You can share what you’re up to that day and even share funny or uplifting messages.

This is a strange time for all of us. While we’re all self-isolating, It’s important to remember to take care of our mental health too.

If you’ve found ways to keep you sane in quarantine, let us know – Suggestions@beautyxscience.com or on IG @beautyxscience.


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